We are a team of coaches, event specialists, leadership development consultants and psychologists. With a range of experience focused on supporting and developing our clients with a variety of philosophies.

Our Origins

Collectively, we have spent over 50 years delivering learning and development solutions in corporate spaces. The limitations of these spaces and traditional teaching methods restricted genuine human connection and transformation at a deep level.

We were desperately seeking a space where we could have more meaningful, challenging and truthful conversations, which brought us to creating that space for ourselves and for others to join in too.

This space is where we can have deep, uncomfortable, challenging and profound conversations that uncover truths, deep self-introspection and passionate commitment to action.

Our Team

Meet the founders who, along with our collective of exceptional coaches at YC all bring a wealth of experience and a passion to develop, challenge and shakeup leadership development and culture change. Drawing on an eclectic mix of experience, we seek out difference, diversity and growth within our community.