We are driven to enable people to have a positive impact on their world, through creating more conscious, caring, and empowered leaders in society. We deliver that promise through our coaching, leadership, team and culture change programmes.

You Collective brings decades of experience in leadership development, business psychology, culture change, diagnostics, and events to select the right methodology to challenge, inspire and create growth that lasts. We believe sustainable adaptation will only happen when your context is considered in every sense, and when systems are put in place to support the change.

Our Values

YOU shaped

Helping you bring YOU to everything you do

We believe in valuing, uncovering, unleashing and empowering the uniqueness of individuals. Helping people explore what makes them exceptional and diverse and appreciating this in others as well as ourselves, enables us to collaborate fully and withhold judgement in favour of listening and acceptance, in service of YOU.

Science based

Bringing you what’s proven to work

At our heart, we are organisational, science and self-improvement geeks. We strive to assimilate, translate and embed our combined 50 plus years of experience along with current research into everything we do. From informing our YC methodology and everything that underpins our programmes to the events and people experiences, science and self-improvement is always at the heart of our why.

Seek truth

For the benefit of all

Openness and honesty aren’t just words, they are a mantra that guide our culture. Doing the right thing and the courageous thing by ourselves, colleagues and clients. This is by no means the easy or comfortable option but for us it is essential. We believe in calling it out and naming it, and helping others to find that openness and honesty, often masked and hidden in corporate spaces.

Growth mindset

Challenging comfort, leaning into discomfort and growth

We believe if you’ve stopped learning and growing, it’s time to create a change. Life is an ongoing lesson, and we strive to reflect on and explore as many of these lessons as possible. We are dedicated to creating space to challenge ourselves and others to learn and grow.


The work we do at You Collective is driven by our vision and mission to support people to have an impact in their world. We utilise a range of tools and methodologies designed to give leaders, teams and organisations insight into their individual and collective purpose. These are achieved through a core set of consultancy services and programmes.