Paul Brewerton

Strategic Director

Pronouns: He/him

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Paul is Founder and Strategic Director of You Collective.  Paul is, first and foremost, an enabler of lightbulb moments for others, committed to transforming lives by ensuring that those lightbulbs becoming life changing, pivotal events that create a lasting legacy. Paul is an executive coach, speaker, culture change specialist, facilitator, psychometrician, podcast host, author, blogger, Doctor of Psychology and Chartered Occupational Psychologist.

Paul has been coaching senior executives for around 15 years, across a range of sectors and situations. With 20+ years’ experience in leading successful consulting practices and projects, Paul is passionate about helping leaders and organisations to achieve success through their people using psychological tools and techniques. Since the mid noughties, Paul has increasingly focused on the practical application of strengths and positive psychology to leadership and organisations, helping leaders to deliver exceptional results as well leaving a positive legacy.

Paul is also Founder and Chair of Strengthscope, a strengths-based assessment consultancy, working with some of the world’s leading organisations and brands to develop positive, productive, healthy, strengths-based organisations. He has hosted a podcast channel – The Strengths Guy – since 2018, providing personal development content in a workplace context. Prior to founding Strengthscope, Paul founded and led several consulting businesses focusing on culture change, leadership and personal development. Paul has worked with clients such as NATO, Santander, Royal Air Force, BNP Paribas, Takeda, HSBC, Oracle, CASS and Henley Business School and many others.