You Collective are proud to bring you this Masterclass in collaboration with Rebecca Christianson and Thrive People Consulting, where creativity and diverse methodologies meet to enrich your unique leadership journey.

This free masterclass is aimed at anyone who has ever found themselves ‘playing small’ in order to accommodate others, worrying about how they are perceived by others or who has had difficulty in setting boundaries or saying ‘no’ to the detriment of their own well-being.

What you'll learn

In this 1 hour interactive and practical session, we will take a psychological approach to understanding our people pleasing tendencies and give you strategies to move into your power:

  1. Hear some real-life people pleasing stories from others
  2. Normalise the experience of people pleasing
  3. Explore where our people pleasing tendencies come from
  4. Learn a few simple tools to unpick our people pleasing tendencies in order to move into our power

About your hosts

Rebecca Christianson has been a senior leader and Executive herself so understands life at the top as a female. She is also Founder of Thriving People Consulting, an experienced Executive coach and facilitator, and has a Psychology background. More than half of her coaching clients are women, therefore she knows the common internal and external challenges they face when in senior positions. Rebecca is known for her warmth and authenticity, while still having the ability to hold the mirror up to challenge thinking with positive intent. One of her superpowers is stretching leaders to the edge of their thinking to support mindset shifts. This is with the view to increase their self-awareness, influence, effectiveness, focus and wellbeing.

Zara Bates is a co-Founder and Creative Director of You Collective. An accredited executive coach and passionate facilitator, Zara specialises in intentional and conscious leadership, fostering trusting teams, and crafting infinite organisational cultures. With over 18 years of expertise, she has guided and inspired numerous business leaders across diverse sectors. Zara’s dedication shines as she draws themes and parallels across industries, creating a dynamic support system for her clients. Particularly driven to empower women and leaders from diverse backgrounds, Zara unleashes their potential and identifies impactful pathways for success.

Looking for more information?

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