Al Pacifico-France

Associate facilitator and DEI specialist

Pronouns: They/Them

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Psychologist, organisation development, Gestalt, and diversity and inclusion specialist with over 20 year’s leadership experience developing organisational cultures aligned to strategy and customer needs, and delivering culture change through transforming attitudes and emotions which create measurable behaviour change.

Al excels when working with leaders seeking transformative experiences and/or transforming organisations. They help leaders gain insights into how they experience and lead change. Al’s love of transformation is grounded in what energises them (creativity, decisiveness, flexibility and developing others). Their strengths have been honed into skills through work experiences (whole organisation transformation of 5,000 people, cross organisational projects in a company of 90,000 people and supporting a trans woman with her transition at work) plus personal experiences (Buddhist retreats, riding a motorbike over the Himalayas and learning to walking again following a broken back).

Al’s vision is “To evolve the human race so that everyone inherently values, and has the skill, to be truly inclusive of each other’s diversity”.